Lindsey’s Culinary Market of Athens, Georgia

 Come back to your Southern roots at Lindsey’s. Fresh, house-made culinary delights are served with a little tradition and a lot of eclectic Athens flair. Visit the café for breakfast or lunch; stop by the market for a wide assortment of freshly prepared entrees, side dishes and fabulous desserts to take home; have your next soiree catered by Lindsey’s.
Come on in, take a look around. Our kitchen is your kitchen.
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Whether your special event is a romantic dinner for two or a party for two hundred, Lindsey's Culinary can make your event one to remember!  We like to prepare what you like and are ready to serve up any kind of meal that's just right for your group.

Our freezer is always filled with casseroles such as Chicken Tetrazzini, Chicken Boudini, Vegetable Lasagna, Tomato Grits, Beef Burgandy, and many other things too numerous to add.  So stop by, and let us know what you need!
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Thanksgiving Menu 2015

Name: _______________________________  Phone #: _____________

Pick-Up Date & Time: (Before 1pm) _____________________________

Special Requests: ____________________________________________


Serving #____________________ Pricing: $_______________________



Price Per Person

       _____Roasted Turkey, $5/lb

       _____Gravy, $14.50/quart

       _____Sour Dough & Cornbread Dressing w/ Shallots & Celery, $4.25

       _____Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes, $3.75

       _____Sweet Pot. Casserole w/ Pecans & Mini Marshmallows, $3.75

       _____Squash Casserole, $3.75

       _____Corn Pudding, $3.75

       _____Not Your Mama’s Green Bean Casserole, $3.75

       _____Cranberry-Orange Compote, $9/lb








_____Bourbon Pecan Pie, $18                             

_____Apple Pie, $18                                                

_____Pumpkin Pie, $18                                                 


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